Past Shows


Growlers Gaithersburg MD 11/7/2015
Oktoberfest Lovettsville VA 9/25/2015
Mahalo Cove Sterling VA 9/19/2015
Growlers Gaithersburg MD 8/14/2015
Cancun Cantina West Hagerstown MD 7/17/2015
Private Party Lovettsville VA 7/3/2015
Independence Day Celebration Middletown MD 6/27/2015
Lansdowne Wedding Leesburg VA 6/27/2015
The Purple Moose Ocean City MD 5/30/2015
The Purple Moose Ocean City MD 5/29/2015
Ri Ra Arlington VA 5/22/2015
Olde Towne Tavern Frederick MD 4/25/2015
Bungalow Billiards Chantilly VA 4/17/2015
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 11-Apr-15
Growlers Gaithersburg MD 4-Apr-15
Mahalo Cove Sterling VA 3/21/2015
Ri Ra Arlington VA St Patrick’s Day ’15
Private Party Lovettsville VA 3/14/2015
The Jetty Grasonville MD 3/6/2015
Dockside Bar Colonial Beach VA 21-Feb-15
Champions Frederick MD 14-Feb-15
The Light Horse Alexandria VA 7-Feb-15
Golden Sports Bar & Grill Ellicott City MD 6-Feb-15
Ri Ra Arlington VA 31-Jan-15
Hard Times Cafe Manassas VA 10-Jan-15
Ri Ra Arlington VA NEW YEARS EVE 2015
Growlers Gaithersburg MD 20-Dec-14
Corporate Event Herndon VA 11-Dec-14
Backyard Grill Chantilly VA 22-Nov-14
The Light Horse Alexandria VA 18-Oct-14
Growlers Gaithersburg MD 11-Oct-14
Lovettsville Oktoberfest Lovettsville VA 26-Sep-14
Cancun Cantina Hagerstown MD 19-Sep-14
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 13-Sep-14
Tarara Winery Leesburg VA 13-Sep-14
The Light Horse Alexandria, VA 23-Aug-14
Cancun Cantina Hager Hall Hagerstown MD 4-Jul-14
Private Party Lovettsville VA 3-Jul-14
Independence Day Celebration Middletown, MD 28-Jun-14
The Light Horse Alexandria, VA 13-Jun-14
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 30-May-14
Private Party Lorton, VA 17-May-14
Olde Towne Tavern Frederick MD 10-May-14
Champions Frederick MD 2-May-14
Ri Ra Arlington VA 25-Apr-14
The Light Horse Alexandria, VA 19-Apr-14
Union Jack’s Rio Gaithersburg MD 3-Apr-14
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA St Patrick’s Day ’14
Olde Towne Tavern Frederick MD 8-Mar-14
Bushwallers Frederick MD 14-Feb-14
Crusader’s Sports Bar Frederick MD 8-Feb-14
Hard Times Café Manassas VA 1-Feb-14
Addy’s Lounge Manassas VA 17-Jan-14
Bushwallers Frederick MD 4-Jan-14
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA NEW YEAR’S EVE 2014
Ri Ra Arlington VA 21-Dec-13
Bushwallers Frederick MD 23-Nov-13
Greene Turtle Mount Airy MD 9-Nov-13
Rams Head Savage Mill, MD 27-Oct-13
Hard Times Café Hagerstown MD 18-Oct-13
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 12-Oct-13
Lovettsville Oktoberfest Lovettsville VA 27-Sep-13
Bushwallers Frederick MD 14-Sep-13
Greene Turtle Mount Airy MD 7-Sep-13
Ri Ra Arlington VA 26-Aug-13
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 16-Aug-13
Quincy’s Bar and Grille Gaithersburg MD 10-Aug-13
Ri Ra Bethesda MD 2-Aug-13
Clyde’s Chevy Chase, MD 27-Jul-13
Bushwallers Frederick MD 6-Jul-13
Private Party Lovettsville VA 3-Jul-13
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 29-Jun-13
The Blue Fox Winchester VA 18-May-13
Ri Ra Bethesda MD 10-May-13
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 27-Apr-13
Hard Times Café Frederick MD 26-Apr-13
Ri Ra Arlington VA 30-Mar-13
Bushwallers Frederick MD St Patrick’s Day ’13
Ri Ra Bethesda MD 16-Mar-13
Quincy’s Bar and Grille Gaithersburg MD 23-Feb-13
Ri Ra Bethesda MD 15-Feb-13
The Blue Fox Winchester VA 9-Feb-13
Spanky’s Shenanigans Leesburg VA 1-Feb-13
Bushwallers Frederick MD 19-Jan-13
Longshots Charles Town WV 18-Jan-13
Quincy’s Bar and Grille Gaithersburg MD 11-Jan-13
Brittany’s Woodbridge VA 7-Dec-12
Bushwallers Frederick MD 24-Nov-12
Quincy’s Bar and Grille Gaithersburg MD 23-Nov-12
Eagle’s Nest Brunswick MD 27-Oct-12
Always Ron’s Hagerstown MD 20-Oct-12
Bushwallers Frederick MD 12-Oct-12
Private Party Damascus MD 29-Sep-12
Lovettsville Oktoberfest Lovettsville VA 28-Sep-12
Longshots Charles Town WV 22-Sep-12
Cactus Flats Frederick MD 8-Sep-12


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